Building inspection


The inspector team is composite of  professional engineer, senior consultant engineer, doctoral degree of civil engineer and specialist engineer in many branches as Structural building, Electrical , Sanitary and  Mechanical system in factory and high rise building

Step of inspections

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          The building types  must be inspected according to ministerial regulations B.E. 2548

1)      Entertainment

2)      Hotel  (more than 80 rooms)

3)      Bar  (area more than 2,00 sqm.)

4)      Dormintary (area more than 2,000 sqm.)

5)      Factory (more than 1 story and area more than 5,000 sqm.)

6)      Billboard

7)      Building area more than  10,000 sqm.

8)      Auditorium area more than 1,000 sqm. or people more than   500

9)      Building higher than 23 m


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